Here's a short description of who the characters are. And if you're wondering why they did something so stupid/creative, they've agreed for you to ask them!

Senator Claymore Trelk
Claymore hails from a military background. This taught him enough of command and strategy to learn that politics was where the real power was. He represents his home system of Poulos and several of the surrounding systems. A staunch supporter of the Chancellor, he is also quick to take advantage of opportunities that arise.
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Hara-Kalor, a Kwol, is currently a Jedi-in-training under the tutelage of the Jedi Council and, in particular, Master Roshi, a Jedi Knight. Kalor was taken from his homeworld, Madya-portamus, when as a young hatchling it was recognised that he had an above-average midichlorian count. Lord No-Pata-Na, residing in the city Myras, instigated the regular checking of Sabha-Nor hatchlings when it was found that they could be strong in the force.
The Kwol are a saurial race, usually with jet black scaly skin. A distinctive throat patch changes colour with mood or emotion. The Sabha-Nor is the Kwol Warrior Class, similar to the Samurai of Feudal Japan.
Kalor has been trained in the ways of the Jedi almost since birth and has been an excellent student. He hopes to, one day, take his place on the Jedi Council.
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Oord Womba
Adept at investigation and related skills, Oord is a Seeker, a very hidden and little-known order commissioned by the Republic for very specific tasks. What these are remains to be seen as the story unfolds...
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Piban Macrosun
Piban is a professional pilot, pure and simple. He doesn't get cocky, he doesn't think with his blaster, he just does his job and does it well.
Piban knows engines. His hobby is swoop restoration, as he'll tell you with little prompting, and he's not averse to riding them a little faster than Coruscant traffic laws recommend.
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Beeone was issued to senator Trelk by Republic administration to assist in matters of etiquette and protocol. The droid has other capabilities, some of which the senator is aware.
  Trian Letstra
Trian grew up on the streets and towers of Coruscant. When he had to learn how to open electronic locks to survive, he realised he had a talent with technical devices, and taught himself about everything from droids to the holonet.

Kraych (Adventure 5 onwards)
A Doogo from the Dabbadon system, Kraych was obligated to become a Student of Violence when the barbarous Mong began to attack his people. A witness to the schemes of the Splinter Sith, he has been caught up in the events befalling the group from Coruscant.

Non-Player Characters

Master Tsai-Roshi (Adventure 5 onwards)
Hara-Kalor's Jedi Master, Tsai-Roshi has the natural affinity with healing, telekinesis and botany that is typical of his species. A wise and patient master, he has spent many years researching the presence of the Force in non-sentient life forms.