Addicted to Space(To: Josh Abrahams' "Addicted to Bass")

Parody Lyrics copyright 2002 by Steven Cavanagh.

I got two best friends and we play computer games
we only call each other by our Klingon names.
It started long ago, back when I was a kid
the movies that I watched and all the things I did
I had more Star Wars toys than you
I spray painted my phone box blue
Soon you'll, know what I know
How my life revolves around each show
I'm over thirty but my parents thought it was a phase
I shave my head and sit in chairs and point and say "Engage!",
I've got a plastic alien I glue onto my face
A word about my weakness,
I'm totally addicted to space!

I never even tried to be cool
Sci-fi's always made me drool,
I can't begin, to tell you why
I guess that I just do, cause there is no try
I feel like phoning home
but I take tricorder readings with my cellular phone,
and I say, that inside I really know it's ok,
but I look up every independence day.
my gaming card collection put me hundreds into debt
I have eleven t-shirts and they're all of Boba Fett
I get a plumber's helper and I say "exterminate"
You're picking up my problem,
I'm totally addicted to space!

I bought a Federation flag, it's flapping in the breeze
and on my wall's a poster says "I want to believe"
I had a Solo action figure frozen in the fridge
I step into an elevator, say "Bridge".
I shell out lots of dough
For collector's items, figurines and things that glow
Now you, know what I know
How my life revolves around each show
I get a silver flashlight and I wave it round and hum
I pick up my TV remote and set the thing to stun
You think that I'm a nerd but I think all of this is fun
I'll see you at conventions,
where everyone's addicted to space!